DIGITAL MAKERSPACE (Soundstage Studio)

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DIGITAL MAKERSPACE from $75 (per hour)

Plexpod’s Digital Makerspace includes access to a professional broadcast-quality Soundstage & Photography Studio with a dedicated entrance for after-hours sessions. The studio is also conveniently located adjacent to our Event Space and Idea Lab which can also be utilized for tracking and recording, film & video shoots, streaming events, podcasts, concerts, band rehearsals, clinics, workshops: you name it!

Plexpod is all about creator space; like our 56 ft Seamless Cyclorama (Cyc) Wall. The studio includes access to a dock-high loading dock, two dressing rooms, green room, and a 70-point lighting grid with clean power. The studio was built from the ground up as a broadcast quality studio with isolation walls and floating floors. 


  • Cyc Wall (56 ft)

  • 60-Point Lighting Grid  

  • Clean Power (400Amps)

  • Sound Proof (floating floor and double wall construction)

  • Green Screen (60’x30′)

  • Dock-High Load-in

  • Secure Storage 

  • Green Room For Cast & Crew

  • Zoned Climate Control

  • Dressing Rooms

  • Dedicated Entrance

  • Adjacent Event Space with stage, intelligent lighting, sound, and projection systems.