Kansas City, MO, 11/18/15 — Sustainable Development Partners Kansas City (SDPKC) today announced its partnership with Plexpod, a Lenexa, KS based Coworking community, to develop the world’s largest coworking facility, the next generation of office space, at Westport Commons, in 360,000 sq ft of historic school buildings on a 12 acre campus centrally located in Kansas City, Missouri, near 39th and Main.

Construction has begun on what will be an innovative workspace hub for next-generation companies. As explained by David Brain, SDPKC co-founder and former CEO of EPR Properties, a NYSE traded real estate investment trust (NYSE: EPR) with a total market capitalization of more than $5B, “This project is possible because Kansas City is committed to being America’s most entrepreneurial city, and Plexpod Westport Commons will be a significant demonstration of that commitment.” Gerald Smith, Plexpod founder and CEO added, “For entrepreneurs it’s not just about being in business, but being around business. The potential for a startup or growth stage company to thrive in this environment is exponential and it starts with collaboration, excellent facilities, and access to resources like expertise and venture capital.”

Using a “shared economy” model, Plexpod provides in-house resources like digital maker spaces, coding classes, a recording studio, fitness and gaming rooms, barbershop, theater and event spaces; and of course plenty of great coffee. Companies of all sizes can choose from Dedicated or Flex Desks or Dedicated Team Spaces. Regardless of the company size, everyone enjoys access to the resources of the entire facility, including dozens of conference rooms and meetup enclaves, while only paying for the unique people-space they require.

Phase 1 of Plexpod Westport Commons is expected to open in Q4 2016. Plexpod will begin accepting applications for space in January 2016.

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About Sustainable Development Partners Kansas City: Founded in 2011, SDPKC (sometimes referred to as Kansas City Sustainable Development Partners) is a Kansas City-based real estate development partnership. The partnership focuses primarily on adaptive-reuse opportunities and its guiding philosophy is the implementation of creative collaborative change through redevelopment. The partnership bring together wide mix of professional disciplines and expertise that is well suited to this endeavor. Its partners are Bob Berkebile (a founding principal of BNIM Architects), David Brain (who recently stepped down as CEO of EPR Properties), Butch Rigby (founder of Screenland Theaters), Lou Steele (an area commercial real estate broker) and E.F. Chip Walsh (an area development consultant).

About Plexpod: Plexpod is a 24/7 coworking community that began in 2014 with an objective of launching entrepreneurial businesses on a national stage. Its initial 25,000 sq ft facility reached capacity in just a few short months with over 150 entrepreneurial members, representing 40+ companies, collaborating daily. Its mission is found in its name: Plex, comprising of multiple units, and Pod, a protective housing. Plexpod is a reciprocal professional member organization where members enjoy access to all the facilities and resources at each Plexpod location.

Artist Renderings of Plexpod Westport Commons (Phase 1)

Entrance Rendering











Plexpod Digital MakerSpace


We’ve heard of MakerSpaces…but what about Digital MakerSpaces? Plexpod, a coworking space in Lenexa, KS, hones in on a coworking concept not yet seemed to be fully adopted.

With Plexpod’s Recording Studio, Photo Studio Soundstage, and Event Space all in-house, members have access to these resources along with the typical coworking aspects of dedicated vs flex spaces, common areas, and meetup rooms.

Plexpod’s Production Director, Luke Johnston, has started PlexpodCasts, with bi-monthly interviews of Plexpod Members, and PlexpodTV, including Plexpod Concert Series live recordings and interviews, as well as a series on PodTastings. These projects allow members to humbly talk about their company’s vision from Luke’s prompts, while giving all parties involved unique, created content.

These projects help external inquirees learn more about coworking, Plexpod, and the types of companies who cowork, as well as the actual Plexpod Member companies themselves. By learning more about these Plexpod Member companies, it even allows the other Member companies in the building to help champion their fellow coworkers, better explain their own work environment, and open their minds to collaborative options at their fingertips.

“The digital makerspace allows for members to quickly and efficiently get the material they need,” Johnston said. “It gives any company the ability to say ‘We made this in-house.’ or ‘Check out our company original’. The technology and skill set is provided through Plexpod to make any digital dream a reality.”

While most would tend to relate a recording studio with musicians, these podcasts help encourage other uses; most tend to also relate a photo studio soundstage with photographers and videographers, while it can be used for a variety of projects, e.g., product shoots, promotional videos, headshots, music videos, tracking, etc.

Having a Digital MakerSpace at one’s fingertips, in one’s office, has proven to be not only convenient, but impressive to current & prospective colleagues and coworkers. Also available to non-members, Plexpod’s Digital MakerSpace is a great resource available for the whole of Kansas City.

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Global Entrepreneurship Week Wrap-Up Party

As Global Entrepreneurship Week came to an end on Friday night, participants were concluding the week’s events at Plexpod for #GEWKC’s Wrap-Up Party. With its power-packed breakout sessions, Sarpino’s pizza, craft beer, Brew Gallery coffee, and 80’s cover band, it was easy to wind down at the culminating event while having a good time networking with the week’s connections made—and possibly even make some new.

The Breakout Sessions Lineup included:

  • Exporting to Expand Sales panelists Nya Igambi, Irvy Karamitros, John Romp, Bill Schwing, Nick Ward.
  • Bringing a Product to Market panelists Jim Baxendale, Mike Foster, Zack Luea, Andy Olson.
  • Main Street and Microenterprise Business Owner panelists Bill Kurple, Stephanie Sage, Brandon Simpson, Bruce Steinberg.

Wrap-Up Party Attendee, Melissa Saubers, enjoyed the event. “It was a great week of learning and networking. Jazzy B’s, Brandon Simpson, nailed it when he encouraged listeners to ‘work with others in your industry to raise awareness and build your industry’s community,” said the President of Cowork Waldo, another Kansas City coworking space.

GEW KC’s planning committee, KCSourcelink, powered the event, while it was sponsored by Community America and Plexpod.

Plexpod’s Founder & CEO, Gerald Smith was pleased with the event’s outcome: “The night was a success! Free food, drinks, and excellent breakouts. We were honored to host the Wrap-Up Party at Plexpod–and are looking forward to next year!”